We offer our clients a range of integrated services that deliver our design expertise across all expressions of your brand.

The foundation of a great brand is a great name with the power to stimulate thoughts and emotions, successfully establishing your brand in your customer’s mind. Our naming process has proven to be effective at creating memorable names that are unique and appropriate to your brand’s personality and strategic positioning. 
Portfolio: Naming


An unforgettable brand identity visually communicates a distinctive, consistent and enduring message that commands attention, loyalty and trust. Our creative exploration of shapes, imagery, typography and color ensures a proprietary brand identity that successfully conveys the essence of your brand’s personality while becoming one of your company’s most valuable assets. 
Portfolio: Identity


As the final decision-making touch point between product and consumer, packaging must attract attention, communicate brand character and attributes, evoke positive emotions and ultimately persuade purchase. Our long experience and successful packaging design methodology produces results that build awareness, encourage interaction, impart understanding and create acceptance of your brand.
Portfolios: Food - Other


Every interaction between your brand and the consumer – from printed collateral to uniforms to vehicles to display exhibits – is essential to strong and consistent brand communication. We partner with you to implement your brand across a broad range of applications to reinforce your brand strategy and to ensure the best possible brand experience.
Portfolio: Collateral 



Interactive branding is central to a 360º marketing strategy, seamlessly integrating online and offline brand communication to establish a personal connection with the consumer. As part of a comprehensive brand design program, we can create digital expressions of your brand that will help present a consistent image across multiple platforms.
Portfolio: Interactive


The vigilant application of well-documented design standards is crucial to the long-term management and legal protection of a brand. We carefully craft appropriate guidelines for your brand that facilitate the implementation process, protect critical brand identity components, ensure consistency and maintain control while allowing for future creative growth and expression. 
Portfolio: Standards


A focused, fully articulated brand strategy and clearly defined brand positioning transform the way your brand is perceived. Our strategic process results in an understanding of the factors that influence your brand, informing the creative process that will capture the consumer’s mind and set your brand apart from the competition.
Portfolios: Outburst - Kick Ranch - Mako Vodka 
Clorox - Safeway - Harrah's Casinos - SF Giants